Since making - or trying to make - art is just a hobby, most of the little time I have to play around is spent doing tutorials in an attempt to learn as much as possible. Maybe when I retire I will have enough time to make art from my own ideas. See "Archive" for more art based on tutorials.
  • I try to set aside as much time as possible to admire the work of others. Sometimes, so much that I don't get time to do tutorials or create things from my own imagination. It is, however, worth every second as there is so much art on the Internet that really inspires me.
  • This section is sort of a database with links to sites with art resources. As I scour the Internet, I come across a lot of websites with art resources - everthing from software to free images, brushes, you name it. Luckily for us "hobby" artists, a lot of them are free.