Autumn Gallery - Photos from Pexels

As I was perusing the internet for autumn photos, I ran across, a site with loads of nice photos. What´s even better is that all the photos are free, both for commerical and noncommercial use and no attribution is required. I support giving credit to photographers so I have provided the credits that were given for each of these photos. I definitely plan on using Pexels in the future. It was easy to find photos and you can download photos in the dimensions you plan on using. ...

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July Update

Click on image for full-sized image. What's summer without popsicles? This has been the warmest spring and summer in Norway since I moved to Norway in 1989. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have complained - yes, complained - about it being too hot. So, I have used the weather as an excuse for eating way too many popsicles this summer. As usual, I got curious about the origins of the popsicle and found out that an 11-year-old boy accidentally invented the popsicle in 1905. The article...

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April Update

Click on image for full-sized image. Surprisingly, I was able to launch the Spring style for the site before the end of the summer. :) I must admit that looking at Spring colors and images really improved my mood. After fantastic weather during the Easter break, we started the first week of April having to face snow and sleet. Winter is a tough cookie, but there are signs that Spring will soon take over. I made a Spring graphic ("Overlapping Gradient Logo") based in part on a tutorial...

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March Update

When I first started planning my new web design, I knew I wanted to have a style (colors/background images) for the seasons winter, spring-summer and fall. I was late launching the new design so I realized I had to get started on the spring-summer design. So, the last couple of weeks I have spent time working on color schemes and background images for spring. I had done the color scheme a while back but after I finishing the main background image for the front page, I need to make some changes...

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Website Launch 2018

Click on image for full-sized image. As I mentioned in a blog post in October 2017, I spent a lot of time in 2017 learning as much as possible about Yootheme Pro site builder and started to be very active on the forum. I finally got off the forum and decided to revamp my website and implement Yootheme Pro as most of the features I wanted to use were finally available and working properly. My plan was to launch the new site before Christmas, but we all know how it often goes with best-laid...

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