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Everyone says money talks. Unfortunately, all mine ever says is "goodbye".

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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?" Wendell Berry

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Plums Galore

4Roald - Plums from plum tree 08-15

Our plum tree is filled with fruit this year. A lot of them fell off after a recent rain storm so Ann-Louise got in gear and did some picking today.  

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Test of Internet Speed

We have fiberoptic internet with Viken Fiber and are supposed to have 75mps both for download and upload. The past year I have felt that we are not getting the speed that we pay for. So, I have decided to start testing from my pc with a wired connection (not wireless/wi-fi).

Sunday, July 19

Altibox (internet provider, speedometer.altibox.no)

Speedtest.net (www.speedtest.net)

Bredbandskollen (www.bredbandskollen.se)

February Newsletter

I have decided to have a monthly newsletter that summarizes additions to my website and what happened in my life for the previous month. So, the February newsletter is a review of January.

I guess I'll start off by saying a little about what's been going on in my non-digital life. Work is going fine. January was a busy month: planning for and registration of both student and candidate exams ("Norwegian: privatisteksamener"). At the start of this school year I starting working longer days Monday - Wednesday so that I don't have to work on Fridays. I do not, however, do this during the times when the exams are conducted or when there is a need to work overtime. This has worked out pretty good so far. I have an extra day to play around in my digital world and it seems that overtime has been reduced a little. Bjørn has also been busy at work - as usual. He enjoys his work so he doesn't seem to get stressed out like I sometimes do. 

The kids are doing great. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful children - well, they are no longer children (Bjørn-Eirik is 18 and Ann-Louise is 23). They are both doing well in school. Ann-Louise is more relaxed than she has ever been, probably because she has already gotten a job that she starts in June and only has her Master's thesis left. Bjørn-Eirik , however, is a little more stressed out than usual. He is in his last year at high school and there are a lot of major projects that he has to turn in as part of his IB curriculum. It is important that he gets good grades so that he can get in to the schools and studies that is planning on applying to. He is getting the hang of the loop station he got for Christmas (see LiveLooping to find out what livelooping is and watch this video of the Norwegian artist Bernhoft performing on TedX) and had his first live performance at the IB talent show last Friday (Yeah, I see that I am mentioning something that happened in February. Oh well.). He is quite the entertainer (in my perhaps biased opinion).

As far as my digital world is concerned, I worked mostly in Photoshop - both text/typography compositions and photo manipulations based on tutorials. I hope to get back to doing more in DAZ 3d and trying to branch out a little and try to create some photo manipulations based on my own ideas.

I 'll close this month's newsletter with a list of my digital projects for January. Note that when you click on the images there is a pop-up window to the original article, so you need to turn on pop-ups for my website. I think this provides the best way to navigate/view this web page.

  • textuts.com 3d layered text YOU ROCK made by Diana Roald jan2015

    Made in Photoshop.

    Click on image to view original article. :)

  • psd-dude winter-summer manipulation made by DianaRoald 01-15

    Made in Photoshop.

    Click on image to view original article.

  • Made in Photoshop.

    Click on image to get started. :)

  • DianaRoald facebook cover-profile template sparkle v3

    Made in Photoshop.

    Click on image to view original article.

  • tg-reloaded lisette poppy cinema made by diana roald-01-15

    Made in Paint Shop Pro.

    Click on image to view original article.

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