Ancient, Iron Viking Design, made by Diana Roald 03-16

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The above image is based on the Blue Lightning Video Tutorial "How to Create an Ancient, Iron, Viking Design"

Even before I moved to Norway I was somewhat fascinated by Vikings. I found the quote at The Viking Rune, “My Top 10 Favorite Quotes from Icelandic Sagas”. The site has a fun page where you can type in your name and get it converted into Runic symbols. 

According to The Viking Rune, the Short Twig variant of the Younger Futhark is also known as Rök runes. It was used in Norway and Sweden along with the Long Branch variant that was more characteristic for Denmark. The following is my name, Diana, in Short Twig:

Diana written in Short Twig rune

I'll keep my thoughts to myself as to what my rune reminds me of. :) I made the Facebook cover and profile below out of this design, which I plan on posting later in March. 

Diana Roald Facebook cover/profile - Viking 03 16

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