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    Our Little Family in Kongsberg, Norway

  • Reine - Lofoten - Spring/Summer

    The village of


    Lofoten, Norway (photo: Petr Šmerkl, Wikipedia)

  • Preikestolen - Forsand - Summer

    A fantastic look at


    Forsand, Norway (photo: Cristina Dittamo)

  • Midnight Sun - Harstad

    Midnight sun

    Nupen toward Grytøya

    Harstad, Norway (photo: Frank Andreassen, www.nordnorge.com)

  • Vatterfjordpollen - Lofoten - Spring

    Spring Flowers


    Lofoten, Norway (downloaded from Nominature.com)

Wittiness and Wisdom

Without them, life would be futile.

Witty one-liners, Dec 2016

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED! Apparently, YOU told Santa that you have been GOOD this year, and he died laughing.

Words of wisdom, Dec 2016

"The best of all gifts around a Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." ― Burton Hillis

Wintertime Fun

Wintertime Fun 2018

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