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About Ringo

Ringo is not only our "best friend", he is a family member. No matter what we do, he always shows his love for us. He was born the 3rd of December in Skien, Norway.

In the little booklet we received when we bought Ringo, the owner wrote the following (translated into English):

"I was  delivered 6th  of a total  of 7. Unfortunately one of my sisters died during birth. It was a tight fit and I was coming out bottom first, so I had to get a little help before I started breathing on my own.

Weight at birth: 260 grams
Weight at 8 weeks: 4,750 grams

When I was 8 days old I opened my eyes and saw the the world for the first time. I have eaten well, and a little piece of cheese is my favorite snack.

I love sitting in someone's lap and being petted. And if I get the chance I rush into the house and lie down in the living room. By the way, I was the first to explore new things. ..."

Ringo and Ann-Louise trained agility when he was young, and they achieved the bronze level. He probably should have completed an obedience course first, but we never found the time. Next time, we must find the time. Here are some pictures of our sweet and lovable Ringo!


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Kongsberg, Norway


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