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About Bjørn-Eirik

Photos by Nora OK, a promising young photographer.
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June 18, 1996 in Oslo, Norway

Kongsberg videregående skole (Kongsberg High School), International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program

Watching and playing basketball, playing the guitar and piano, reading and hanging out with friends

WARNING: Written from a mother's point of view.

After Ann-Louise's rough start to life, I was wary of having another child. Ann-Louise, however, really did not want to be an only child. She talked constantly about her getting a "little sister". She was such a caring child, and we had prior to Ann-Louise's birth always talked about having at least 2 children, so we finally put our fears aside and decided to go for it.

I could tell you some interesting stories about his birth - including colorful details about me jumping out the birthing pool (I was foolishly determined to have a natural birth) - but I will keep it short. Bjørn-Eirik was a whopping 4,8 kilos (10.91 pounds)! His head was so big that they had to use forceps to get him out. He was delivered by the head obstrician, who claimed to have delivered all 6 of his children. He reminded me of a football coach. All that was missing were the cheerleaders. He was, however, assisted by several nurses almost sitting on my stomach and pushing for their lives. Except for a slightlig deformed head because of the use of forceps he was a healthy and beautiful baby boy. It didn't seem to bother Ann-Louise that she didn't get a little sister. 


Despite being almost 5 years younger than Ann-Louise, Bjørn-Eirik always wanted to play with the older kids. He followed in his sister's footsteps as far as extra-curricular activities are concerned: played soccer for a little while, took riding lessons (dressage), took French Horn lessons  and played basketball. Like his sister, he cut out everything except basketball (edit 09-14: has decided to take a break from basketball in order to focus on school). Although he quit the band and stopped taking French Horn lessons, music has continued to be an important hobby. I am, of course, biased but I think he is quite talented. He plays the guitar and piano and sings. In other words, we are constantly being entertained.

Bjørn- Eirik is now a senior at high school where he is working toward an IB diploma. After high school he plans on studying to become an engineer.  


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Kongsberg, Norway


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