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I have always been a big fan of Paint Shop Pro and never really got into Photoshop primarily because Photoshop has been so expensive, Another big reason why I have always worked with Paint Shop Pro is because of the great groups with amazing tutorials and shares. Back in the beginning we got to know each other and I felt that I had friends all over the world.

As time has passed the Paint Shop Pro environment has, in my opinion, been ruined by rigid copyright rules and people who want to make money. There was a time when almost all tutorials consisted of copying and pasting either purchased tubes or scrapbook backgrounds and elements. I lost interest because there is nothing challenging in making these kinds of tutorials.

Although there are some great tutorial writers for Paint Shop Pro and a new focus on "creating" something, I feel that a lot of Paint Shop Pro tutorials have a little too much focus on using plugins and most of them do not challenge the experienced user. This - and the fact that I might one day get the opportunity to teach the IT 1 course at our school - caused me to get interested in learning Photoshop. Since the licensing is now a yearly subscription the initial investment costs are lower - even though I still feel that it is too expensive.

There are a lot of great tutorials for Photoshop, especially for making abstract art. As you will see, these are the type of tutorials that interest me most.


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