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Tutorial Sites/Links

Bryce Tutorial Sites/Links

Cloud City

If you have a DAZ Platinum Club membership, you can get Bryce Masters Series: Cloud City tutorial for free. Otherwise it costs $6.95 (and as usual, you will also find it doing a Google Search - though you will not have access to the files made available when you purchase and download the tutorial fra

This is a very long and thorough tutorial. I really learned a great deal. It is for the most part for beginners but you need a good understanding of the Bryce interface.  It is very detailed and files are provided if you get stuck and need something to look at or to compare to your own Bryce file/settings, etc. It took some time, but I finally completed the entire tutorial - including postwork, which I decided to do in Photoshop despite being more proficient in Paintshop Pro.

I really hope to get time to go back and try to create parts of the Cloud City tutorial and make some changes to come up with a new Cloud City. 

See  Bryce Master Series: Cloud City for my final render. 

Modeling a Chess Piece: The Bishop

I learned a lot from John Garner's video "Learning bryce 7 pt I", where the goal is making a bishop. The video was farily easy to follow, even for beginners. You may, however, need to stop and restart the video (as I did) to really understand some parts.

I made a couple of renders with no postwork that you will find in "Bryce Renders - Based on Tutorials":

Bryce: Where to Start?

In my opinion the official documentation for Bryce is not that great. With a program like Bryce, you need lots of details and pictures to show how to use the program.

I started off trying to click here and there, but found it both time-consuming and unproductive. I then completed David Brinnen's video tutorial "Bryce 20 minute beginners project - simple landscape". It was a very good tutorial and I was able to make something worth showing after completing the tutorial (see "Bryce 20-Minute Beginners Project - Simple Landscape"). I had to view parts of the tutorial numerous times, because David does not explain everything in detail. I then decided I wanted to complete his video tutorial called "Bryce shoreline - a 15 minute tutorial". I soon realized that I needed to learn more of the basics: cameras placement and object editing, including resizing, rotating and repositioning.

Luckily I ran across Robin Wood's webisite, which has lots of Bryce tutorials (text-based). Although they are written for Bryce 5 (and I am currently using Bryce 7), the first lesson about using the Interface has been very useful and there are no noticeable differences in the interface presented in the tutorial and that found in Bryce 7. After the first lesson, "The Bryce Interface", I feel that I am almost ready to try out  "Bryce shoreline - a 15 minute tutorial" again, but I have decided to complete Robin's entire course - Beginner og Intermediate Lessons. I will update this aritlce to keep you update on my progress with these lessons,


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