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Euranna in the Forest

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Euranna in the Forest

Euranna in forest embedded color profile c DianaRoald 02-15

While learning the in's and out's of DAZ 3d have rendered lots of scenes, which have primarily been based on tutorials. This is my first render that is not based on a specific tutorial.

 The background is a premade background by FairieGoodMother at Deviant Art. The character used is Euranna for Giselle. Additional items used: Spriteling dress and necklace and Bloomingwood hair.

My main focus for this project was lighting. Lighting is a real challenge. After many hours of trying out different light sets I decided enough was enough. I did some postwork in Photoshop, including adjustment layers (Vibrance and Channel Mixer) and the use of the dodge tool to lessen the highlights between her nose and top lip.  Overall, I am pleased with the final render. I am, however, not pleased with the pose - that is, her eyes. She is supposed to have a dreamy look, but I feel like she looks more like she is staring a little too much.  I may perhaps work on this later, but right now I am tired of looking at Euranna in the forest and have the need to work on something new. 


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