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Some Coffee ...

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Everyone says money talks. Unfortunately, all mine ever says is "goodbye".

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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?" Wendell Berry

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Some Coffee ...


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According to statistics from Wikipedia, the annual world average coffee consumption was 1.3 kg (45.86 ounces/5.73 cups) per person per year in 2008. The average annual consumption in Norway, the country with the second highest annual consumption, was 9.9 kg (349.21 ounces/43.65 cups) per person per year.

I was not at all surprised that Norway and other Scandinavian countries were high on the list. I was, however, surprised that the average consumption for the world and Norway was so low. There must be a lot of people out there having a lot of trouble thinking and coming up with great ideas. In this regards I can definitely say that I am doing my part, with an average daily consumption of at least 6 cups of coffee! Unfortunately, I can not promise that all of my ideas are "great ideas"

I followed most of the steps in this TipsSquirrel tutorial to create the coffee foam design in the main image. The following are credits for stock images used:


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